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Premium CBD Flower – Buddha Berry

Buddha Berry is a unique, beautiful cross between two well known CBD strains – Baox & Berry Blossom. An indica leaning sativa hybrid, it’s feeling is one of relaxing presence with an air of auspiciousness. These vigorous plants produce beautiful flowers with diverse, high resin and terpenes that can far exceed the numbers below.  Terpene profile ranges from sweet berry, floral, pungent, spice and herbal. Flowering time: 45-55 days late September to early October.

  • 12-16% CBD (11.54 COA)
  • 25:1 CBD/THC Ratio
  • LOQ d9THC
  • 99% Germination Rate ***
  • 97% Feminization Rate
  • Genetics: Baox & Berry Blossom
Non-GMO, Vegan, Pesticide Free, Regenerativey Farmed, 3rd PArty Lab Tested Icons
All products contain less than 0.3% THC in compliance with federal and state regulations and are non-psychoactive.