Care of Earth, Care of People, Care of the Return

Sustainable Practices, Permaculture and Hemp:  Our mission at Living Earth Hemp is to farm the land we are stewarding  in an ecologically regenerative and socially responsible manner. 

Living Earth Hemp is located on Living Waters Farm near Eugene, Oregon.  We utilize nature-based, life-supporting, regenerative agricultural practices with a focus on permaculture, sustainable resources, and organic farming.

What does that look like in practice at Living Earth Hemp? 

Care of Earth

Living Water
Our Hemp is watered from our pure running creek.

Organic Fertilizer .
We harvest our own Worm Castings.
We make our own Compost Tea.
We have Free Range Chickens and Ducks, as well as a Tribe of Goats.

We Source Locally 
This reduces environmental impact.

Growing Hemp 
Hemp breathes in Co2.
Can help the fight against deforestation.
Regenerates the soil and prevents soil erosion.
Absorbs toxic metals.

Care of People

In our workplace We strive for a Cohesive and Harmonious Workplace. We use Restorative Circles. We embrace Diversity. In our products All are accessibly priced. Highest quality is always our priority. We Source Locally In doing so we are supporting our local community. It is supporting local workforce. We are supporting locally owned and/or employee owned businesses. Our Compassionate Care Program offers special discounts to:
  • Veterans 
  • Individuals diagnosed with a chronic illness, disability or other serious medical illness
  • Individuals living in low income households

Care of the Return

3% of our profits will be donated to nonprofit groups or initiatives focused on regenerating people and planet.

Living Earth Hemp’s guiding principles were influenced from those of the Permaculture Movement: “People Care, Fair Share and Earth Care”.  Fair Share is a redistribution of surplus. As explained at, “We are provided with times of abundance which enables us to share with others.”   We apply it here at Living Earth Hemp as simply “Giving Back”.

If your non-profit group would like to apply for funding, please visit our Care of the Return Application.